Youth ministry resources dating

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Youth ministry resources dating

What’s your big dream for your youth ministry this year? Leadership guru Peter Drucker made the “T-shirt” challenge famous—his argument was that big goals should be so easy to understand that they fit on a T-shirt.…

Advent Source has been a strong partner to young adult ministry in conspicuously placing resources and services within easy access of church leadership at all levels.Type “teenagers” into Google, then spend 30 minutes browsing the links.I did this the other day and was confronted (over and over) by one overriding reality—Gen Z teenagers are suffering from more depression, anxiety, and stress than ever before. I’m going to be honest and say I have not mastered what I’m about to share with you.Are we in it for the moment, or for the years to come for our student’s souls?Do we live life to the fullest, or are we living in light of eternity?

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What is the balance of short-term and long-term evaluations of youth ministry?