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Xdocument validate not validating

Validate is an extension method that exists in the System. Just thought I'd help those who were as confused as I was. Write Line("Validating doc1"); var errors = false; doc1. If you do not use this namespace then the Validate method will not appear in intellisense. Create(new String Reader(xsd Markup))); var doc1 = new XDocument( new XElement("Root", new XElement("Child1", "content1"), new XElement("Child2", "content1") ) ); var doc2 = new XDocument( new XElement("Root", new XElement("Child1", "content1"), new XElement("Child3", "content1") ) ); Console.

Write Line("doc1 ", IIf(errors = True, "did not validate", "validated")) Console. Write Line("Validating doc2") Dim xrs As New Xml Reader Settings() xrs. These methods use an underlying Xml Reader to validate the XML tree against an XSD. Validation error and warning messages are handled using the Validation Event Handler delegate. Validate(schemas, Address Of XSDErrors, True) Console. Write Line("doc2 ", IIf(errors, "did not validate", "validated")) Console. doc2 did not validate Contents of doc1: Xml Schema Validity.

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Some of these extension methods optionally allow population of the post-schema-validation infoset (PSVI). Write Line("doc2 ", IIf(errors, "did not validate", "validated")) End Sub public: [System:: Runtime:: Compiler Services:: Extension] static void Validate(System:: Xml:: Linq:: XAttribute ^ source, System:: Xml:: Schema:: Xml Schema Object ^ partial Validation Type, System:: Xml:: Schema:: Xml Schema Set ^ schemas, System:: Xml:: Schema:: Validation Event Handler ^ validation Event Handler);public static void Validate (this System.

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