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Don’t mention that you like to be on your own – all people sometimes do – but indicate your more “sociable” hobbies. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel trying to come up with an excellent bio.

Hope it gives you an idea of what kind of girl is behind this picture.” 2) “I’m sure there is a person among your friends that likes to plan and organize everything. Working as an event planner, I create unforgettable moments for people.Always check what you’ve written before you post it. Like telling that you like to stay home with a glass of wine and Netflix. Now, check out the following real examples and don’t repeat their mistakes. 3) “Once a keen traveler who has finally settled in a small town to become a blogger.Can’t wait to hear you’re story.” – A good start, but that typo in the second sentence is really off-putting.Let other snaps tell a story: what you like, where you go, what you do, how you have fun, etc.It goes without saying that all your profile pics should be up-to-date. The main aim of your dating profile is to evoke interest in men.

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