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The assailants in both of the murders have never been caught and there have since been numerous conspiracy theories about the two deaths; here are the top five most bonkers ones.There have been many "sightings" of the late rapper over the years and the most recent claim that the rapper is still alive came out just last month.According to stag party goers, who posted a selfie of the moment on instagram, Biggie is alive and crashing parties on the Greek island of Crete.The doppelganger was captured at the batchelor party of Nass Kitojo, who captioned the pic: "I don't know if I was too drunk last night but I swear biggie came to my bachelor party... #hangoverpt4 #biggieisalive." This fan selfie is the latest in a string of supposed sightings over the years that have caused fans to think that perhaps Biggie is actually still alive.Potash told All Hip Hop: "He had very close relationships with his extended Black Panther Party family, who acted as his mentors, not to mention that he was trying to do more positive things.[The government] orchestrated his assassination." According to Russell Poole, a former detective who worked on the Biggie murder case, several members of the LAPD were also members of security for Death Row Records - the record label co-founded by Tupac's record producer Suge Knight.A photo of Tupac with record producer Suge Knight in the car he was shot in is time stamped the day after his death - leading some fans to theorise the incident never happened.Fans have claimed that Tupac has left hints at his disappearance in his work; with his 1996 album The Don Killuminati containing the words, "Exit 2Pac, Enter Makaveli," while others have suggested Makaveli is an anagram for "Am Alive K." Over the years there have been various "sightings" of Tupac and claims he's about to reveal himself to the world once more.

Machiavelli once advocated the theory of faking one's own death in order to successfully hide from their enemies, and some people seem to think that Tupac took the advice literally.

Poole theorises that these "dirty cops" conspired to cover up the fact that Suge Knight was behind Biggie's murder.

The ex-detective said in a 2002 documentary: "You got to think to yourself, ' Who could get away with it?

They separated after Tupac got released from prison no, he messed with many girls.

Shakur was born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City but relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1988.

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