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Who is todd agnew dating

He furthermore states that at that time the enemy was recrossing the Tennessee. This morning was dark and lowering and the day throughout has been drizzly and this evening is raining. From what I can gather I think it altogether probable that the Yankees still hold Chattanooga and are fortifying but no one seems to know anything of the posture of affairs in that quarter. Ham will move his camp tomorrow down near Clark's again. The 32nd was brought against it and took the battery, but at a precious cost. After dinner I went back to the thicket, having come home for the dinners, and lying a while in the woods rode over to Aunt M. This excited our serious attention and we all kept very quiet. He is prostrated on a bed of sickness having had a long and severe spell of fever. Today we still have the rumor that our troops have and hold La Grange, It is said that all of Phillips' Reg has been captured but 14 men, but there is not much certainty in these rumors.

Pa has heard glowing reports if only they be true, as follows; their loss is 5,000. Came on over home early and remained indoors most of the day owing to the wet and drizzly character of the day. a volume entitled "the Waldenses," and have read it I may say through today. Abner Branyan's to see [her child] who has the croup. Pa is of the impression from what he hears that the matter is being considered whether Ham's battalion shall not be turned over to the Confederate service. The object of Matthew's visit was to obtain the command of Ham's Battalion. Micajah Berry was in camp yesterday electioneering for Congress. Overtake a conscripting squad of cavalry with 16 men, caught last night at Concord Baptist Church. J.'s and sat there a while and then returned to the mules. Ike one of Watsons mulattoes came over and told us we might come in as the Yankees had gone below, but before we got up to start, we heard the sound of numerous horses feet on the road leading from Uncle Joseph's to my father's (not more than 200 yards N. The mule Jake snorted frequently and I felt like I could almost cut his throat. Sanders where there was an appointment for preaching. He has a large and painful rising back of his left jaw under the ear. After preaching 4 or 5 of his children were baptized by Mr.

The enemy has lost over a hundred pieces of artillery and we have 52000 men in our hands as prisoners. Bragg in an address to his soldiers tells them they have fought nobly but the victory is only half won. Those people of God have passed through horrible persecutions by the papists. He called back [page torn] Falkner was in camp and made a speech this morning. Dave Crockett was over this evening to see if he could not buy Page 6 "Kit" mule Pa was not here and I gave him no encouragement. A party went up to the Yankees, (Vicksburg deserters) a few days ago and captured 9 Yankees and some horses. Wile crept up through the bushes to where he could get a glimpse of the road and came back and reported that Page 13 a lot of cavalry was passing along the road and he believed they were Yankees for they were too well dressed for our men. He thinks he is some better but is still very weak.

We have lost five Generals, two killed and three wounded. He states that our loss is 10,000 of which 6/7 are wounded. It is rumored that the Yankees are fortifying at Chattanooga. It is supposed from this fact that the Yankees have crossed the Tennessee. The Yankees say they intend to be at Ellistown and Guntown on the day of the election and help vote. I do not remember to have seen a single cloud this day. Abner Branyan came over after dinner to get Pa to see her child's throat. He says one man have on blue pants and several blue coats. We (Worthy, Wile & myself) then cautiously came up to the thicket in the back part of the field below the lane, where we could see the lane, and the lane was full of cavalry men.

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All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. He was a good man, one of the [page torn] of Hopewell. Mason in reference to one of his pious dead friends. Moses Young must have been [page torn] as also did Mr. made an appointment at [page torn] o'clock and preached sessional meeting was [page torn] session though--bring the exercises to a close. A good many are at Baldwyn but I expect the Yankees will scatter them from there. He has colic I suppose and seems to suffer a great deal. Rode home soon after breakfast wearing William's overcoat to protect me from the rain. This rumor coming as it has done for the last six days every day must have some foundation. All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. When I looked at his dead body, I could not but think of the remark of Dr. "Here lies sacred dust." A large congregation was out. I acknowledge that I was disappointed at the results. White was shot in the head, Rily Wallis in the back of the neck. James Galloway was shot in the bowells and died next morning. We know nothing of the numbers or movements of these Yankees above Baldwyn. I do not expect there was any voting at our precinct. We have drenched him with several things but he does not seem much relieved and I will not be surprised to get up in the morning and find him dead. Watts with a load of cane to have the juice pressed out by her mill. This I have hitherto been reluctant to Page 28 believe. All em dashes are encoded as -- Indentation in lines has not been preserved. I went down to protract the meeting with enlarged expectations [page torn] to an increase of our members but in both respects I have been disappointed. We now know some news about the casualties of Chickamauga. Eber Gambrell was shot in the head--though he is still living, he would certainly die. But Wile returned before he got there with the news that the Yankees were again in the neighborhood and that they were fighting over about Humphreys, and after I heard this I myself heard the report of several guns in the direction of the Cross Roads. Bowlen also says the Charleston Railroad is certainly torn up, and the Yankees have drawn in their lines, the nearest Yankee being just a half mile this side of Corinth. You can find out more about our music at the Sovereign Grace Music website or the Sovereign Grace store. GLAD was started as a band, but became known as a vocal group due to the success of The Acappella Project, which was actually our 8th album.It’s available at GLAD’s website, or you can download the MP3s and listen to samples at Amazon.

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