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On one of the last episodes Logan asks her to marry her, but the next episode she declines and he breaks up with her. the world will never know: D(i imagine her to end up with Jess) well, actually rory ends up with no one and i wanted her to end up with jess but milo didn't want to come back to the show after alexis broke up with… Their is a new season of Rock of Love possibly coming out early 2008.

The shocking theory is based on three sneaky clues.But even if it's just a big coincidence, there's more to this theory. In the doorway off in the distance, there appears to be a stroller covered up with a blanket.Can you spot the hidden stroller in this pic posted around the same time? Why would their be a stroller in the Gilmore household if someone wasn't expecting a baby?!Two months ago, the If you're a true Gilmore stan, you know that the only time Lorelei ever craved an apple was when she was pregnant with Rory.It's very possible the pregnancy craving has been passed down to Rory.

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Her boyfriend, Paul, is doting but apparently forgettable.

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