Who is dating mike fisher

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Who is dating mike fisher

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Fisher is best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, a role for which she was nominated for four Saturn Awards.

” The tabloid concludes that it makes “sense that he would turn to this verse during his own difficult time as he’s going through a breakup.” The magazine then regurgitates its falsehoods from the aforementioned cover story. When a couple has struggled with tabloid rumors for as long as Carrie and Mike have, it’s naturally for the reports to compound and feed off each other, especially because the public buys into the stories and the rumors.For example, we’re willing to believe that Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are having marriage problems because we’ve heard about these problems for so long, and as such, we’re easily guided into believing that they’re heading for a divorce.What do you guys think about Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood supposedly having relationship troubles?Do you think it’s much ado over nothing, or that it will actually lead to a divorce?

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As seen in the screengab below, a fan wrote in response to Fisher’s post, “Praying for you and Carrie.