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Baden said Lina suffered from heart disease the ME missed.“There’s good evidence of what the natural death was,” Baden said.

Kaufman is standing trial for the murder of his wife Lina in 2007.

Baden also criticized the length of time it took the ME to reach a homicide conclusion.

“Ninety five percent or more of homicide deaths are diagnosed on first day of autopsy,” he said.

This coming Sunday, Hallmark Hall of Fame presents a telefilm version of Jewish playwright P’Nenah Goldstein‘s romantic drama stage play, “Loving Leah.” (Sunday, Jan. on CBS) I had a chance to see the telefilm in advance of the TV showing and I did a telephone interview with interfaith actor Adam Kaufman, 34, who plays the male lead character, Jewish doctor Jake Lever.

Though Loving Leah is better than most romantic comedies or dramas in the movie theaters, it’s not Pulitzer Prize material.

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Marraccini concluded that Kaufman died from “postural asphyxiation;” she collapsed from a heart episode and came to rest on the magazine rack, causing her airway to be blocked. Her death was not a homicide, according to Marraccini, and marks on her neck were not consistent with her being strangled. At the end of the day’s testimony, prosecutors asked the judge if the could introduce evidence that Kaufman had previous arrest or arrests for battery, most recently as 14 years ago.

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