When did kim kardashian started dating ray j

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When did kim kardashian started dating ray j

In a crafty move, Kardashian activated his dormant license to practice law, which allowed him to join Simpson's defense team, and more importantly, prevented him from being called to testify against Simpson.

In the early 2000s, Kim launched a career working as a stylist, assistant, and personal shopper for such famous celebrities as Cindy Crawford, Selena Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Brandy, and Paris Hilton.

And trying to escape Kardsahian's all-consuming presence on the internet is virtually impossible.

You don't have any — forgive me — any talent," the veteran reporter once famously asked the family.

These days, it'd take living under a rock to not know who Kim Kardashian is.

The "famous for being famous" celebrity, with the even more famous booty, is on TV, magazine covers, clothes, beauty products, books, you name it.

It was an unusual formula to say the least, and it'd be risky move to try and duplicate the results.

Would Kim and her momager Kris be savvy enough to pull it off?

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became an unparalleled success in the field of reality television. As her family members quickly got rich off of her fame, so did Kim as she launched fashion lines, fragrances, credit cards, and apps.

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