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The real story, however, comes from the stunning penetration levels – already at a stratospheric 79% of smartphone users, and 85% of messaging app users, e Marketer predicts we’ll see any even higher levels of 82% of smartphone users and 89% of messaging app users in the years to come.In January 2019, Hootsuite and We Are Social put the current number of mobile social media users in China at 1.007 billion, with mobile subscriptions at over 1.5 billion, outstripping the country’s total population (97% of the population have mobile phones, and 83% smart phones).

At present, We Are Social/Hootsuite find that We Chat is only the number one in app in three countries (this does not include Taiwan or Hong Kong – according to App Annie it is the sixth-most and second-most downloaded app in these territories, and the sixth-most and the third-most used app, respectively; it is the fifth-most used, and 10th-most used in Malaysia).Tencent’s ambitions lay beyond just China – hence the rebrand to the more internationally-friendly name ‘We Chat’.In 2012, several new languages were added – mostly focused on SE Asia, though the inclusion of Portuguese suggested wider ambitions than China’s neighbours to the south.Some estimates peg international We Chat user numbers at between 100 and 200 million.Tencent is reticent to provide user numbers broken down by country.

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Like Whats App, the We Chat app has evolved considerably since those early days.

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