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Over a month of getting to know each other was suggested a meet and greet through his management.Through that time he told me he was in a loveless marriage and had been searching his whole life for someone who really loved him for himself . When the meet and greet didn’t happen I was told his wife found out and was getting a divorce and all assets where frozen.

Even though I kept seeing social media of them together he convinced me these where only social obligations he had to do until his divorce was finalized.And that’s exactly what these celebrity imposters are trying to do.So what should you do if a celebrity contacts you on social media and asks for money?After months he started to ask for money to ‘prove’ my love and even after I found out who it was and confronted her she still insisted I was wrong.I also was contacted by twitter by Jon Bon Jovi scam and was asked to continue conversation over hangouts.

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But what’s worse is I fell in love with a lie a scam someone pretending to be him.

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