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We are dating now episode 16

We look again at Tavis Ormandy's discovery of the secret undocumented CTF protocol, wondering WTF is CTF?We note a new and devastating strategy in the ransomware battle which hit Texas last Friday.We check out a survey of enterprise malware headaches, update some Mozilla/Firefox news, and examine yet another (and kind of obvious) way of exfiltrating information from a PC.

We then look at the changing security indication feedback in browsers; the challenge of keeping browsers compatible with important but non-standards-compliant websites; the failure and repair of incognito browsing mode; the possibility of a forthcoming "super incognito mode" for Firefox; a new super-fast TLS stack written in the Rust programming language; Microsoft's promised open source release of their voting machine election software; and yet another widely deployed, exposed, and exploitable Internet server.We have a quick bit of miscellany and some terrific SQRL news.Then we look at a recent and quite sobering report from Sophos about attacks on exposed RDP servers.I share some news from my ongoing file sync journey.We conclude by looking at some very interesting and promising moves as browser-based advertising matures from the ad hoc mess it has always been into a privacy-respecting Internet citizen.

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