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  1. But part of me feels that's a losing strategy...remember, We are already having the best sex of my life, so maybe pulling back jeopardizes that. The more I've gotten to know her...well, I'm reminded of the old saying, "You lose 'em like you find 'em". Anyway, here's the game question: She's playing a bit of a shit test by telling me "I'm confused..I'm with you, I'm so in love with you and I see myself leaving Bob but then when you leave town it's like I slip back to my old routine and I'm just confused what to do" [Translation: "It's really nice having both of you at my beck and call... What you're doing right NOW isn't making her want to leave her husband, so where's the logic in thinking that if you spend MORE time with her that'll suddenly make her leave him? Not just because you sleep with a married woman, which I consider a casual player's sin not a mortal player's sin but a player's sin nonetheless, but because you are voluntary getting played by her. After all, circumstances are crucial in such situations and as human beings, we act upon such circumstances.