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Walker liquidating limited estate sale

Member Mid-American Antique Appraisers Association For 15 years, Marcia A.

Zarembka was co-owner of Homestead Exchange and has now established her own business.

The majority of estate sale companies across the U. will balance all the funds at the end of the sale, and send you a check less the amount they are owed based on your estate sale contract agreement. There is no standard percentage across the board, it’s anywhere between 20% to 45% depending on what’s included.

We operate our business by thoroughly researching and accurately pricing the items to be liquidated prior to the date of the sale.

This procedure is a monetary safeguard which minimizes the risk of selling items at far below the market value.

We accomplish this through successful promotion and advertising, competent pricing policies, and fair dealings with public.

Fees vary according to the type and size of sale you require.

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In the absence of language stating that parties must initial the liquidated damages clause, for the clause to be enforceable, the California Court of Appeals held that where the clause was not initialed, the clause was enforceable or voidable at the buyer’s option. Therefore, both parties to the contract should carefully consider whether a liquidated damages clause is most beneficial.