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Despite our different ages, backgrounds, and beliefs, we bonded over that simple fact.To make their shifts more fun and productive, I often tried to play matchmaker when scheduling my volunteers.My regulars took to asking, “Well, when’s Raynelle coming?I’ll come then, too.” They even organized a potluck on Election Day.It was 1998, and they had a great time using their tech savvy to put together computer networks for a local school.After that positive experience, they wanted to find more ways to help, but back then that meant going to a volunteer center, in person, and waiting while someone went through a rolodex of nonprofits.From crisis support to tutoring, there are a variety of service areas to browse through, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Then after two focused Nuts & Bolts sessions presented by content experts, the participants analyzed a list of nonprofits interested in meeting prospects.On this site, you can search for a volunteer event and a chance to meet new people while serving your community.Based on your skills and interests, Volunteer Match will suggest opportunities in your area.It’s a perfect way to meet someone special who shares your love of the arts, animals, children, health, housing, or community involvement.Over 100,000 nonprofits have registered and posted requests for a helping hand.

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“That’s what spurred Volunteer Match, and we’ve been so proud over the years to help nonprofits have a really great volunteer program.” The goal is to be a fantastic tool for nonprofits and volunteers alike, saving time by matching them up perfectly.