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But whether you meet online or in person, Kelton says what remains important is having interactions with others — something that’s especially important as more Americans age in place rather than moving to assisted living facilities.“People who live in strong communities, whether they are real or virtual, will have longer lifespans,” she says.“When we think about aging and dating we are really talking about social relationships, and virtual reality will deliver that in spades.” That means a sojourn in the immersive, wide-angle VR realm could allow someone to experience new things such as paragliding as well as a memories.It also could tie the two — present fantasy and past reality — together and network them with others using VR. Even if you are physically confined, you could be cycling in Nepal or hang-gliding with your new friend. Just imagine that those clunky VR headsets have been replaced with contact lenses, and other people wearing the VR lenses can be in the same scene as you.VR and gaming may offer the most dramatic shifts, however, especially as the suspension of disbelief improves and biological responses develop.

About 60 percent of seniors are already online today, on social networks, gaming platforms or dating sites such as Our Indeed, the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases have risen among the elderly, helped by more relaxed attitudes to sex outside of marriage.Higher divorce rates and more breakups and higher have led to more single people, too.There are companies that are filming 360 degree video from multitudes of heights and perspectives to allow users to participate in movies, rather than just watch them.Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook (FB), is ready to launch next-generation headsets next year.

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Of course, the advances will also probably spur a spate of centenarian coupling, too.

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  1. The amount of people using Plenty of Fish (which includes heavily-trafficked forums, compatibility questionnaires and the very popular Who's Seen Me button) is astronomical in its sheer ability to connect with users around the globe looking for friendship, love, and anything else in between.

  2. This is sold as a serious online dating site for ‘discerning singles.’ A bit like e Harmony, PARSHIP uses a patented test, this time called The PARSHIP principle®, which analyses 32 personality traits and is based on an algorithm of 136 rules.