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The “CSI” franchise of TV shows has been tremendously successful, but has finally wound down.

“CSI: Miami” (the “worst” of the franchise, I think) was cancelled in 2012 after ten seasons.

Country Music Association (CMA) Those were her very words, her real words (for example).

An Azeri is someone from the country of Azerbaijan.

The opera was first staged in 1871 in an opera house in Cairo.

In the storyline, Aida is an Ethiopian princess brought into Egypt as a slave.

Queen Victoria chose the name “British Columbia” for that section of the Columbia District that fell under British control.

The remainder of the Columbia District was referred to as “American Columbia” or “Southern Columbia”, which became the Oregon Territory in 1848.

The British referred to the territory drained by the Columbia River as the “Columbia District”.

He made a successful run for the Romanian Senate though, and was elected senator in 2014.

Björn Borg is a retired tennis player from Sweden, and a former World No. Borg won 41% of the 27 Grand Slam singles tournaments that he entered, which is a record that stands to the day.

Radames is an Egyptian commander who falls in love with her, and then complications arise! He has sold well over 350 million copies of his books, with many of them made into hit movies.

I’ve tried reading two or three of the novels, and didn’t get too far. “Reign of Terror” is the name given to the violent months that marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

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Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and sits on the Caspian Sea.

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