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Well, you can use that tool independently of downloading an update by going to the following address: Then click on the Validate Now link at the top.Make sure that you visit the site while in Internet Explorer, otherwise it doesn’t load properly.Offline conversion of system disks with earlier versions of Windows installed, such as Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 are not officially supported.The recommended method to convert these disks is to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 first, then perform the MBR to GPT conversion.Specifies the disk number of the disk to be converted to GPT. The mechanism used is the same as that used by the tool SELECT DISK SYSTEM command.Specifies the directory where MBR2logs should be written. If specified, the directory must already exist, it will not be automatically created or overwritten.Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see a section called Windows activation, which says “Windows is activated” and gives you the Product ID.

Make sure that your device supports UEFI before attempting to convert the disk.The first way to validate that Windows 7 is genuine is to click on Start, then type in activate windows in the search box.If your copy of Windows 7 is activated and genuine, you will get a message that says “Activation was successful” and you will see the Microsoft Genuine software logo on the right hand side.The GPT GUID can contain brackets, for example: /map:42=.Multiple /map options can be specified if multiple mappings are required.

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The second way to determine if you have a valid copy of Windows 7 is to use the validation tool on the Microsoft website.

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