Validating textarea

Posted by / 29-May-2020 21:01

Validating textarea

for example of the users enters "Cat" echo "you must have ginger with cat" text area contains the worlds "ginger" and "cat" - it gets submitted. The value from the textarea needs to be loaded into a variable.

Hi, I have a text area, which I am trying to validate.

I have some code that checks and makes sure that when the users enters in the field an integer from 1 - 10 has to be input.Your XAML will look like this When it comes to Di Sa Ste R's answer, I noticed a different behavior. Text shows the text in the Text Box as it was before the user entered a new character, while e.Text shows the single character the user just entered.Also can this be done only in Xaml without codebehind?Please help me with the required code This is Xaml code: , you can do the validation in that instead of the setter of a particular property, then whenever there is a error, return an error message so that the text box which has the error gets a red box around it, indicating an error.

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