Validating rich text field

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Validating rich text field

When you design a new, blank form template, you can change the default field or group name for a control to something that is easier to identify when you work with the data source.

For example, a field named "Meeting Notes" is easier to understand than a field named "field1." Note: Changing the field name does not change the binding between a rich text box and field in the data source.

However, placeholder text is different from default values in the following three ways: To prevent users from changing the contents of a control, select the Read-only check box.

For example, in one view, users might type data in a rich text box.

If text wrapping is enabled, you can select scrolling options in the Scrolling list.

For example, you can make scroll bars appear in the rich text box when users type more text than the rich text box can display by default.

In a second, summary view, users might review what they typed in a read-only version of the rich text box.

Although a read-only rich text box does not appear dimmed on the form, users will be prevented from typing information in the rich text box.

Although the table isn't intended to provide detailed procedural information about the options in the Rich Text Box Properties dialog box, it does give you an idea of the range of options that are available.

Certain settings are not supported in browser-compatible form templates, such as enabling linked images in rich text boxes.

If you want to provide guidance to your users about what data to enter into the rich text box, you can type instructional text in the Placeholder box.

After you insert a rich text box on a form template, you can customize it by changing its properties and settings in the Rich Text Box Properties dialog box.

To open this dialog box, on the form template, double-click the rich text box whose properties you want to change.

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If you want to prevent users from checking the spelling of text inside a rich text box, you can clear the Enable spelling checker check box, which is selected by default.

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