Validating idetity on belkin network

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Validating idetity on belkin network

Its almost sounds like the SMC is making the connection to the PC/Laptop much faster than the D-Link....

The MAC address of that PC is used by Comcast to get your connection.

You want to make sure you are using that option on your computer.

You do not want to make sure you are not using WPA-EAP.

Information about default settings is publicly available by web search.

This version requires a certificate server and a matching certificate on yout computer to connect to the wireless.

I have 3 routers ( Linksys wrt300n - Netgear wnr854t - D-link DIR-655 ) no SMC....

FYI- her router (Netgear) login was "".

I did what you said, and change the address to the computer address.

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With her laptop turned off have her connect it to the router via an Ethernet cable.

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