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Validating a survey instrument

Business and social science researchers often ask non-testable research questions.

The shortcoming with these types of questions is that they do not provide objective cut-off points for decision-makers.

The result of a statistical test will enable you to either 1) reject the null hypothesis, or 2) fail to reject the null hypothesis. When you say that you "reject the null hypothesis", it means that you are reasonably certain that the null hypothesis is wrong.

Once again, research questions are global and broad, and they are not the same as the questionnaire items.

There is a significant relationship between managerial level and support of the new budget.

There is a significant difference between the productivity of plant A and plant B. Instead, you must turn the hypothesis into a null hypothesis.

For example, imagine that we've done our survey, and now we need to decide what constitutes satisfactory service? There is no exact cutoff point where we would say "yes" our customers are satisfied, or "no" they are not.

When we ask questions like this, it's important to establish a decision making guideline before doing the survey.

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There is no significant difference between the productivity of plant A and plant B.

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