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Updating with a delta file linux

This option changes this to compare a 128-bit checksum for each file that has a matching size.

Generating the checksums means that both sides will expend a lot of disk I/O reading all the data in the files in the transfer (and this is prior to any reading that will be done to transfer changed files), so this can slow things down significantly.

The sending side generates its checksums while it is doing the file-system scan that builds the list of the available files.

The receiver generates its checksums when it is scanning for changed files, and will checksum any file that has the same size as the corresponding sender's file: files with either a changed size or a changed checksum are selected for transfer. It is a quick way of saying you want recursion and want to preserve almost everything (with -H being a notable omission).

This is normally 0 (for an exact match), but you may find it useful to set this to a larger value in some situations.

In particular, when transferring to or from an MS Windows FAT filesystem (which represents times with a 2-second resolution), --modify-window=1 is useful (allowing times to differ by up to 1 second).

This option affects the information that is output by the client at the start of a daemon transfer.This is useful when starting to use rsync after using another mirroring system which may not preserve timestamps exactly.When comparing two timestamps, rsync treats the timestamps as being equal if they differ by no more than the modify-window value.On Unix-like operating systems, the rsync command synchronizes files from a source to a destination, on a local machine or over a secure network connection.It is a fast, flexible, secure replacement for the command rcp.

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At the single -v level of verbosity, this does not mention when a file gets its attributes changed.

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