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Updating wiki process

The results of this inquiry will be written into a public report where some data may be anonymized as requested by the advising organization.

The results will be documented in a way that feeds into the Analysis phase, probably by creating (at least) one persona that is a person writing Silver standards.

This Wiki page is edited by participants of the WCAG Working Group.

It does not necessarily represent consensus and it may have incorrect information or information that is not supported by other Working Group participants, WAI, or W3C. This option for the design of Silver was selected by a rough consensus of the working group at TPAC.

Personas will be useful throughout Silver development, as a way to go back and check that the project is on track and that user needs are being addressed and met.

Personas may take time to develop, but they will speed decision-making further in the process of Silver development.

In order to achieve greater flexibility in Silver, we'll need to aggressively enlist from a variety of areas to ensure that we have a more diverse set of stakeholders.

These stakeholders will include: Public surveys will be heavily used in the Discovery phase.

This list will be dynamic, being updated as new interests are uncovered.

Stakeholder interviews are valuable for gathering anecdotal data from people with valuable perspective, but who do not have the ability or inclination to participate in Silver in a more active way.

These interviews will be phone interviews with followup emails as the project progresses.

The process of designing Silver defined on this page describes the steps that the WCAG Working Group will take to pursue the research, experimentation, and initial drafts of the updated standard.

In order to have a more flexible result, we'll need to incorporate a more diverse set of perspectives throughout the process.

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Whenever we communicate out, send surveys, ask for input, and hold polls, we will need to send these out via more diverse sets of channels (mailing lists, organizations, meetups, what have you) in order to include those who have valuable perspectives but may not have the time or resources to more directly take part in the development of Silver.