Updating web pages dynamically

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Updating web pages dynamically

The things give an outcome of updating web page dynamically method.

While the objective shown below purposes that the competition will reload the recreation every 60 stands.

What makes it special is that only a portion of the page is reloaded, so you cut down on the amount of data downloaded by the client and the load on the web server. Because actions such as adding or removing a book in the inventory leads the server-side data to change, you must monitor these actions. Combination technologies[ edit ] All of the client and server components that collectively build a dynamic web page are called a web application.

I use the Category class to hold inventory information.

Google Maps is an example of a web application that uses Ajax techniques. Client-side scripting also allows the use of remote scripting , a technique by which the DHTML page requests additional information from a server, using a hidden frame , XMLHttp Requests , or a Web service.

Listing 4 shows the method for updating the data model.

This is complemented by an analysis of Web pages, including the most popular pages and a random selection, which investigates how frequently some technologies are implemented.

While Java Script is used in nearly all sites, and Flash in about half, AJAX is used in some 20% of the current top 20 pages.

So, how do you automatically update a Web page with dynamic elements?

Including the line shown below requests that the browser will reload the page every 60 seconds.

Listing 3 shows how to register the managed bean to the Inventory class.

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However, this method also has a limitation because of its ease: Like any of the methods I have discussed, this method can be used independently in any suitable situation.