Updating to myspace 2 0 Sex chat room fucked in ass

Posted by / 06-Feb-2021 10:41

* Profile 2.0 loads faster and has a sleeker, more modern look.

Remember, you can always go back to your current profile if you don’t like it. So dont worry, here is a screenshot of the new design module in case you havent tried it yet.

Hi, When I go to Myspace pages and try to load the music player, only a white box loads (no error, but no music).

Example website: However, when I use youtube and other flash-based alternatives, they do work. I'm not to familiar with codecs for webpages/how to reinstall.

To check your setting, go here and make sure allow 3rd party flash content to store data on your computer is turned on. Myspace is VERY slow to load, and it almost never completely does.

* Hide your comments, friends, age, last login, and more.But, many of us have spent hours if not days using the previous format to get exactly the design we wanted. Dont be, after selecting “upgrade to profile 2.0” the myspace server will still save your old page for 90 days.While in the new edit module, viewable in the screenshot below select “Go Back” this probably confuses all of us as we are used to “going back” a page, but in this case selecting that will bring up the next screenshot You will see a link that says “switch back to 1.0” Thats it!Safari does no better; it takes a long time to load and generally doesn't load the whole page either.Sometimes it works, sometimes half the page loads, sometimes I only get a blank screen with blue question marks. It did not help and actually made FF slower and use a lot more CPU time...

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