Updating record from cursor oracle Czech adult webcam

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Updating record from cursor oracle

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It used to be that you could not BULK COLLECT into an ARRAY OF RECORDS but that you could into a RECORD OF ARRAYS, as above.

In this example, two columns supplier_name and supplier_address is updated by a single statement.

COUNT INSERT INTO child VALUES (uw_selection(i).part_num, uw_selection(i).part_name); COMMIT; END fast_way; /; l_last_ddl_time dbms_sql. COUNT SAVE EXCEPTIONS INSERT INTO test VALUES l_data(i); EXIT WHEN c%NOTFOUND; END LOOP; COMMIT; LOOP ecode := SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS(j).

ERROR_CODE; sd := TRUNC(l_data(SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS(j). ERROR_INDEX).sub_date); cai := l_data(SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS(j). ERROR_INDEX).cust_account_id; cid := l_data(SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS(j). ERROR_INDEX).carrier_id; tid := l_data(SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS(j). ERROR_INDEX).ticket_id; INSERT INTO load_errors (error_code, sub_date, cust_account_id, carrier_id, ticket_id) VALUES (ecode, sd, cai, cid, tid); END LOOP; FOR le_rec IN le_cur LOOP IF le_rec.error_code = 1 THEN SELECT upd_date INTO iud FROM test WHERE cust_account_id = le_rec.cust_account_id AND carrier_id = le_rec.carrier_id AND ticket_id = le_rec.ticket_id; IF iud IS NULL THEN RAISE; ELSIF iud CREATE TABLE t1 (pnum INTEGER, pname VARCHAR2(15)); CREATE TABLE t2 AS SELECT * FROM t1; CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE perf_compare(iterations PLS_INTEGER) AUTHID CURRENT_USER IS TYPE Num Tab IS TABLE OF t1.pnum%TYPE INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER; TYPE Name Tab IS TABLE OF t1.pname%TYPE INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER; pnums Num Tab; pnames Name Tab; a INTEGER; b INTEGER; c INTEGER; BEGIN FOR j IN 1..iterations LOOP -- use FORALL statement INSERT INTO t2 VALUES (pnums(i), pnames(i)); c := dbms_utility.get_time; dbms_output.put_line('Execution Time (secs)'); dbms_output.put_line('---------------------'); dbms_output.put_line('FOR loop: ' updating record from cursor oracle-87updating record from cursor oracle-66updating record from cursor oracle-82

Update Cursor(fc, fields) as cursor: # For each row, evaluate the WELL_YIELD value (index position # of 0), and update WELL_CLASS (index position of 1) for row in cursor: if (row[0] import arcpy workspace = 'c:/data/output.gdb' fc = 'c:/data/base.gdb/roads' fields = ['ROAD_TYPE', 'BUFFER_DISTANCE'] # Create update cursor for feature class with for row in cursor: # Update the BUFFER_DISTANCE field to be 100 times the # ROAD_TYPE field.

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