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Posted by / 03-Apr-2020 07:52

After you import the data into the new table, click “Stop Recording” on the Developer tab.From that point on, if you press the assigned hot keys for the new macro, Excel downloads the real-time data and creates the table automatically.Before you can download and use real-time data in Excel, you must have an online data source capable of exporting or outputting records in XML format.Most commercial websites that display stock quote listings, currency exchange rates or other financial data usually offer a link for exporting or viewing real-time data in XML format.Clicking the “OK” button returns you to the main Excel window and displays the Developer tab on the ribbon.Click the “Record Macro” button on the Developer tab before creating the new Web query in Excel and assign it a hot key.

Many companies depend on up-to-date data to make informed decisions regarding their businesses.

Excel Web Queries makes entering XML data feeds from websites relatively easy.

Still, you must copy and paste the XML URL address every time you want to create a new table in your spreadsheet – unless you create a macro to do it automatically.

I am also able to get the Symbols and charts open, but there seems to be a lag between the system time and the chart time till where its loaded.

I am attaching a screenshot of the same, and also the message log as you have given instructions on the documentation page.

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