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Updating python on mac

For example, say a person needs Python 2 and they install a Python 2 version of Anaconda, That same person then finds that they need Python 3, so they install a Python 3 version of Anaconda.The problem is that you really only need 1 version of Anaconda.The standard tool for deploying standalone Python applications on the Mac is py2app.More information on installing and using py2app can be found at Use pythonw instead of python to start such scripts.With Python 3.7, you can use either python or pythonw.Remember that if you choose to install a newer Python version from python.org, you will have two different but functional Python installations on your computer, so it will be important that your paths and usages are consistent with what you want to do.IDLE includes a help menu that allows you to access Python documentation.

This tool, however, is not robust enough to distribute Python applications to other users.

Python on a Macintosh running Mac OS X is in principle very similar to Python on any other Unix platform, but there are a number of additional features such as the IDE and the Package Manager that are worth pointing out.

Mac OS X 10.8 comes with Python 2.7 pre-installed by Apple.

What you get after installing is a number of things: , respectively.

You should never modify or delete these, as they are Apple-controlled and are used by Apple- or third-party software.

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10 - You should get a screen saying the installation has completed. Now, type the following command into your terminal If you had chosen a Python 3 version of Anaconda (like the one in the image above), you will get an output similar to above.

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