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From Windows Vista onward, LGP allow Local Group Policy management for individual users and groups as well, and also allows backup, importing and exporting of policies between standalone machines via "GPO Packs" – group policy containers which include the files needed to import the policy to the destination machine.Group Policy Preferences are a way for the administrator to set policies that are not mandatory, but optional for the user or computer.

A set of such configurations is called a Group Policy Object (GPO).

During the refresh, it discovers, fetches and applies all GPOs that apply to the machine and to logged-on users.

Some settings - such as those for automated software installation, drive mappings, startup scripts or logon scripts - only apply during startup or user logon.

By default, Microsoft Windows refreshes its policy settings every 90 minutes with a random 30 minutes offset.

On domain controllers, Microsoft Windows does so every five minutes.

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Since Windows XP, users can manually initiate a refresh of the group policy by using the A policy setting inside a hierarchical structure is ordinarily passed from parent to children, and from children to grandchildren, and so forth. It can be blocked or enforced to control what policies are applied at each level.

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