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Updating an oracle view

The SQL script shipped with the software contains a CREATE FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER statement you can use.) The Oracle user will obviously need CREATE SESSION privilege and the right to select from the table or view in question.

This feature, also known as , can greatly reduce the number of rows retrieved from Oracle and may enable Oracle's optimizer to choose a good plan for accessing the required tables.

Similarly, ORDER BY clauses will be pushed down to Oracle from Postgre SQL 9.2 on wherever possible.

Note that no ORDER BY condition that sorts by a character string will be pushed down as the sort orders in Postgre SQL an Oracle cannot be guaranteed to be the same.

For the sake of this example, let's assume you can connect as operating system user That means that the Oracle client and the environment is set up correctly.

I also assume that oracle_fdw has been compiled and installed (see the Installation section).

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This restriction is only enforced if the column actually gets used, so you can define "dummy" columns for untranslatable data types as long as you don't access them (this trick only works with SELECT, not when modifying foreign data).

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