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IPVanish has servers in nearly a dozen locations throughout the U. Pure VPN is the go-to service for fast and unrestricted access to the internet. The network has 13 server locations within the country’s borders, including cities like Los Angeles, Tampa, New York, and Seattle for a wide dispersal. Encryption helps protect your privacy by making it nearly impossible to trace activity back to your location, an essential feature when you’re bypassing censorship and geo-restricted content laws. Search any browser extension marketplace or mobile apps store and you’ll find dozens of them promising free, fast, and unlimited service, all you have to do is download and start streaming.

S., covering both coasts as well as a several cities along the southern border. The company has an enormous network of 2,000 servers in 140 different countries, covering nearly every corner of the globe. In total there are 85 servers distributed throughout those cities and more, giving you tons of options for snagging a U. As is often the case with free offers like this, however, there’s a catch. Any business operating proxy servers or a virtual private network needs income to maintain its hardware.

The easiest, the most reliable, the most secure, and the most feature-rich way to get a U. They act as sort of a tunnel between your computer and the internet, encrypting data so that ISPs and hackers won’t be able to identify the source or the content of the traffic.

With a VPN server’s IP address attached to your encrypted information, you can browse the internet safely and securely.

Two types of IP addresses with essentially the same function: The basic purpose of IP addresses is to identify a device that’s requesting information so data can be directed straight to it.

When you connect to a local service provider your device is given an IP address, and when you type in a URL you send a request through the ISP’s servers.

So, if you need access to content in the United States, simply open your VPN software, find a fast server in the U. The Express VPN privacy policy is aimed at keeping users safe with strict zero-logging, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch for its desktop programs. Speaking of nodes in the United States, the Express VPN network includes 19 server locations within the country’s borders, covering both coasts with plenty of options in-between. Everything that passes through certain nodes in their network is double encrypted, wrapped in 2048-bit SSL protection the company claims even a supercomputer can’t break.

You certainly won’t have a difficult time finding a fast, secure U. They are fully secure and private thanks to the bulletproof no-log policy that the company has abided by since day 1.Other devices are also assigned an IP address when they connect, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, printers, and so on.Each IP address is unique to that particular device and helps identify it for traffic routing, networking, and other common data delivery tasks. One is the classic layout of numbers separated by decimal points that most people will be familiar with.You can access these servers with just a few clicks, changing your virtual location from Portugal to Paraguay in an instant. For every shady VPN there’s a reliable one, however. Express VPN is an extremely fast, highly secure VPN provider.Each server has its own IP address that will identify your device as being in that region. We used the criteria below to find the best VPN services that offer U. The service has a network of over 3,000 servers in 148 locations in 94 countries, offering plenty of options for finding the right IP for your surfing needs. The service keeps its prices low and offers a 30-day money back guarantee (absolutely no questions asked) on all purchases. Nord VPN has one of the strongest encryption features of any VPN.

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The marketplace for both services is highly competitive, which keeps prices surprisingly low.