Ukraine dating tradition

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Let’s get a list of top customs to follow, when you marry a Ukrainian lady.

In the past, it took a while for the young couple to get married.

Mostly two people who date and fall in love with each other arrange it between themselves.

So, study all the customs and traditions first and then make up your mind.While she does that you can study some of the finest Ukrainian wedding traditions.Most likely you won’t be sorry over it, as they are quite romantic and easy to follow.In the past, they used to replace it with the dressing cloth to signify that the woman is married. Presently, a bride can wear the veil until the end of the wedding feast. She has to say no and try to stop him from doing that. Next, the mother in law should approach the bride and take off her veil.This tradition signifies the acceptance of the lady to a new family.

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When the newlywed couple comes back from the church or city hall, they are to break off a piece of that bread (each in turn), dip it into salt and eat. It is white in color and usually, it is hand embroidered with flowers, birds or national symbols.

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