Travis clark dating drew thomsen

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Travis clark dating drew thomsen

“Everything is just bigger and better with each day that goes by.

The pair married and soon after David Lee Duncan joined the Air Force.In those early beginnings, the band booked gigs whereever they could — churches, small dives, coffee bars, anywhere.The more their pop-punk trendy sound was exposed, the more area residents couldn’t get enough.“The support from our hometown was why we were able to get to where we are right now,” Clark said.Forever touring, the band hopes to tour even more this year with hopes of returning to the Tampa Bay Rays Summer Concert series — a favorite of theirs because they get to perform in front of a large home crowd.

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When they played the ballpark last year, they received the key to the city of Bradenton from Mayor Wayne Poston. Of lessons learned on fame, the biggest one for Clark is that the sky is the limit — that the pie-in-the-sky dreams can be achieved.

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