Thola chat

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Thola chat

Lots of people are happy when they find out I’m adopted but unfortunately the majority of people are still very anti especially when I tell them I can’t speak Zulu etc.

It’s funny because if I wasn’t adopted I probably wouldn’t be alive today yet they want to criticize a family who in essence saved a life and gave an opportunity to better their future.

I feel that because I am black it doesn’t mean that I must speak Zulu.

I think it’s very arrogant for people to think that.

My dad unfortunately passed on quite some time ago. I grew up thinking that I was one of them, part of the family, I still think that way even though I’m brown. What has been the hardest part of adoption for you?

Hardest part of adoption for me has been the way in which society have looked at my family and myself.

I am a sports enthusiast and currently compete in Powerlifting. What I will say is that I am grateful that they allowed the adoption process to go through.

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Its sad how backwards most people are in their thinking.

I learnt from a young age to accept being different and have a tough exterior which has made me the strong secure person I am today. I have never wanted to learn to speak zulu, that’s my own choice.

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I am black but I could be from France or Scandinavia etc especially in today’s world.