The psychology of cyber dating One se chat room free

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The psychology of cyber dating

In fact, users of dating apps are expected to feel higher levels of distress, sadness, and depression, and feel greater pressure to be ‘attractive’ and thin.In support of this, Anita Chlipala, a licensed therapist and dating expert, confessed that she sees, “more anxiety and sometimes depression” develop in clients that use dating apps, stating that they experience lower levels of self-esteem, and question their self-worth, and develop insecurities, often building a mental wall around themselves to protect their emotions which have become more fragile with each time that they have been hurt.

Becoming too caught up in our physical appearance can potentially lead to insecurities, anxiety and other mental health issues that have become increasingly common amongst today’s youth.

It often seems as if we are not valuing one another as human beings, with desires and hopes and emotional needs, but as statistics to tally up our match total.

Of course, as earlier statistics have suggested that many people use dating apps for a laugh or to have some fun, but for many people, especially those with full-time work it can seem like the only way that they can secure the partner and relationship that they desire.

Studies have found that around 50% of matches on Tinder do not message back, which would explain this feeling of rejection that many users have after being constantly ignored or effectively, ‘disliked’, leading to a feeling of demoralisation, and a lack of confidence in trying again.

This casual and disposable way in which we utilise dating apps can also contribute to negative feelings.

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