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Technorati's attempts at Authority and Ranking have been way to help with that.They will continue to be, but the other reality is that the space they are in, "search", is awfully crowded.So if you like my blog, don’t forget to add it to your favorites 🙂 Technorati Profile Ashwin Khanna is holding a crazy blog contest at his blog.The whole idea is to add a post to your blog about his contest with a link to his blog, and enter your self in a chance to win ,500 hard cash in prize!!!

Given that absolutely anyone can set up a blog and start publishing, how do you sift through all the sites out there to understand what and who matters?As Dave writes: I've been doing startups for almost all of my adult life. I love building something from an idea - a whiff of air over vocal cords - into a real, concrete business with real customers and a deep and real sense of corporate mission.I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do that with so many diverse teams and businesses - Secu Remote, Linuxcare, Sputnik, and Technorati.Best wishes to the Technorati team and to Dave for whatever comes next for both of them.If you were to ask anyone who knows their way around cyberculture about the blogosphere, Technorati would undoubtedly be top-of-mind.

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Today Dave Sifry announced (also here) that effective immediately he was stepping down as CEO of Technorati and turning over the reigns to the CFO, VP of Engineering and VP of Marketing while the organization continues its search for a new CEO.

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