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Stiletto 2 updating library

My rules this year are simple: Any book I own is a ROOT. This is a re-read, as I want to get to the rest of the series.Whether I finish it, or Pearl Rule it or don't even open it, if I take it out of my To Read Collection, it counts! I seldom touch dead tree books but will indicate such if I do so happen to read one! I loved it the first time, and perhaps love it even more. * * * “I’m guessing you heard Camille and Cassidy’s grand plan? “Oh.” Oh, sweet Jesus, Grace 2.0 moaned in despair. Not when they’re falling for the guy, 2.0 retorted. “Sex is always a good idea.” “Says the guy who’s had it with half the women in Manhattan.” Her voice came out sharper than she intended. All the society pages do.” “Since when have you cared about that? “The hell it isn’t,” Riley argued, punching the palm of one hand with her fist, like some sort of tomboy ready to take out all the boys in dodgeball. Just what the hell did Camille mean, will they or won’t they? And if the question terrified her, just what would the answer do? “I still have the itch.” Grace’s throat tightened as her mouth went dry. Sexually liberated women are allowed to have sex with whomever they want. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” “Of course it’s a good idea,” he replied. Jackson and Matt.” His face had the oddest expression. You’re being wildly dense right now.” “Or you’re being wildly vague.” He took a deep breath. ” Understanding began to tickle at the base of her spine. “No,” she said, relieved that she didn’t sound as breathless as she felt.

“Try again.” Camille pushed her way into the already overcrowded office and perched on the edge of Emma’s desk. Alex knows somebody who got a bunch of cheap tickets.” Julie leaned back in her chair and studied their boss.

The office abruptly quieted, and Emma finally cleared her throat.

Jake was a football guy, and Grace wasn’t any ballgame kind of girl. “He hates the Yankees.” “The tickets have already been purchased,” Camille said decisively.

All Systems Red - Martha Wells - Series: Murderbot Diaries #1Challenges: ROOT, Random CAT, SFFKITRating: Imaginative and fun A different look at AI, intelligence and what makes something human. The world-building, with much of the world hidden from our view with only hints of what surrounds our current active piece of it, is first rate. A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan Series: Mrs Trent's Memoirs #1Challenges: ROOT, RTTRating: Fun alt history with the usual Victorian expedition into 'primitive' parts of the world in an effort to explain the world and what it consists of. I thought Ms Brennan did a good job of sending up the Victorians' interest in the world around them as well as their disdain for other countries and peoples. Schwab Series: Shades of Magic #3Challenges: ROOT, BFBRating: satisfying conculsion to the series I really enjoyed the series.

The kind of sci fi I love, with lots of new ideas, and new worlds to explore, and intriguing ideas about how tech and humans will evolve.52. The Shadow Throne - Django Wexler Series: The Shadow Campaigns #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KIT, SFFKIT, Color CATRating: Mysteries and Secrets and Magic, oh my! The magic is there, but not in your face and up front. The characters are quite varied and all of them are fully formed and intriguing.

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My cousin Charlotte has five boys, and I always buy the best—” Jake looked both exasperated and nervous. I mean, yeah, actually, that’d be great, but that’s not what I’m asking.” She frowned. “Because I don’t think I can take another weekend of my sisters and mothers harping on me to ‘find a nice girl already.’ And … “Exactly.” He turned back to her, his expression unusually anxious. Overall, my family’s great—a little overwhelming, but great.” She smiled patiently and waited for whatever was coming next. With Riley’s, you had to eat everything on your plate or else.

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