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Furthermore, great messengers succeeded in executing divine orders through the revelation of the honorable pages [of the Qur’an]. 23 Fatiha, “the Opening,” the first chapter of the Qur’an. Among these [i.e., pages of time for which writing was necessary] is the great and absolute Qur’an, the unconditionally noble Furqan, 26 which is an indisputable confirmation of the illustrious line, “This Our Book pronounceth against you with truth.” 27 Its elegant prose would not have been possible to record without a pen, and its exalted cover ( did ) [could not have been] bound with string of wisdom ( $iraze-i hikmet ) had it not been recorded [first]. EPIC DEEDS OF ARTISTS 163 emphasizes the fact that, among implements, | the Tablet 30 and the Pen 9a are holier than all others, while penmen are the most virtuous of people.

11 Usually ser-levha , the term refers to the decorative heading at the top of the first folio of a text. EPIC DEEDS OF ARTISTS l6l “God is the Protector Friend of those who believe. M.), John Huntington, and Andrew Shelton for their inspiration and mentorship while I was a graduate student at the Ohio State University. I also wish to thank Professors James Morganstern (Mr. 25 As such, [the Pen’s] precedence and desirability is made manifest, and the indispensability of writing for the pages of time is demonstrated. According to [the adage], “The first thing God created was the Pen,” the fragrant Fatiha 23 of the Book of Creation is taught [ mu'allem , also an embroidery on shoulders of kaftans] by the recitation of the Bi’smillah 24 and the intended purpose of the legendary verse heading of the [ Qur'an ic] pages is protected by a talismanic, brow- resembling line.

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From them, I learned many things that books do not teach. The vertical stroke on the letter kaf resembles a pen, and the nun is shaped like an inkpot. Surat al-Nun is also called Surat al-Qalam because of its opening: “Nun.

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