Steam is validating game files

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Steam is validating game files

Then, run the necessary system check to verify and fix any issues with the game client files.

Steam is generally pretty stable, but every now and then you’ll run into a problem.

The easiest way to do this is by launching a game, alt-tabbing out, opening the task manager, right-clicking the game’s process on the Processes tab and using the Set Affinity option.

However, this may not always solve the problem – if the problem has already started occurring, the gameplay may be glitchy until you relaunch the game.

If a game fails to load, crashes as soon as it loads, or crashes when you reach a specific level, your game’s files may be corrupted.

Corrupted files can also cause a multitude of other odd game bugs.

Going back to the main question: Can verifying integrity of game cache via Steam help fix CTDs? It can, with a caveat: you have to go through and re-clean your masters after you do so (you have done that before, right? Granted it's not a terribly complicated task, but it does need to be redone.Steam periodically detects the closest download server to you.However, these download servers can become overloaded – if games are downloading slowly, you may want to change your download server.To validate a game’s cache, right-click the game in your Steam library and select Properties.In the properties window, click the Local Files tab and click the Verify Integrity of Game Cache button.

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You can view each download server’s load on the Steam Content Server Status page. To change your download server, click the Steam menu and select Settings.

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