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States mandating flu vaccine

Does your hospital have a policy in place for flu vaccinations for employees?

While we continue to enjoy warm September weather, flu season (typically lasting from October through May) will soon be here.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and similar state statutes require reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities and sincerely held religious beliefs.

What Disabilities Excuse Employees from the Flu Shot?

Not everyone’s enamored with such policies, though, and that’s where the problems come in.

This summer, a bill was introduced in one state to ban employers from requiring flu vaccines – hospitals included. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R) created the law after healthcare workers in his district complained of being fired after refusing to be vaccinated.

This has not stemmed the tide of opposition to mandatory vaccination policies.

When it comes to the workplace, management must carefully craft and enforce vaccination policies to avoid being burned by lawsuits. Short answer: yes – but beware the exceptions under state and federal law.

Last year, the CDC admitted that the flu vaccine was less effective than usual, but continued to recommend it for everyone 6 months and older.The new rules would allow employers to encourage, but not mandate, flu shots.Employers would be responsible for providing adequate, objective info about the benefits and risks, and they’d have to give workers enough time to consider it.Last spring, a healthcare worker in South Carolina brought a lawsuit against her former employer, An Med Health, after being fired for refusing to get a flu shot.After witnessing her daughter’s severe reaction to the flu vaccine, which doctors told her may be caused by genetics, Pamela Crowe refused to get one herself.

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One healthcare system in Florida has taken an even more forceful approach, according to an article in .

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