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Speed dating role play card game

I had made a list of 10 solutions that repeat depending on how many students I have in class (I have 32 this year).The activity is easier when there are multiple students with the same solution. I made the quantities easy enough that students can quickly calculate and compare because the objective of the lesson was to recall the method to calculate the p H quickly, not to stump the students.The unit of acids and bases is difficult for most students in Advanced Placement Chemistry.The variety of various calculations can be overwhelming.They have several minutes to solve and become the expert on that problem for the day.

Arrange your desks in two rows facing each other, like this: Each student gets a problem.Each student should be given a number of the speed dating cards.They then move around the room and 'date' each planet (represented by a student).It hits all my requirements for a practice activity: it's self-checking, promotes dialog, allows for some differentiation, requires a little movement, and the kids are doing all the work.To prepare, you will need cards or slips of paper with problems on one side and the answers on the other.

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At the end they then decide on which planet they liked the best and fill in the feedback card.