Sowetan love dating

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Sowetan love dating

Most of the time when we see a portrayal of an older woman sleeping with a younger man in the movies, the women are treating the men like prey. In this week's Sex Talk Realness, spoke with three women about what it's really like to only sleep with younger men who are at least 14 years their junior. Woman B: When they lie because they're afraid to be honest or they think I won't be able to tell that they're lying. " Worst: "He's barely legal." Woman B: The best was after I showed my girlfriend a photo of the guy I was dating and she said, "Wow!

But when we see older men sleeping with younger women in movies, it's depicted as totally normal. Younger guys tend to lie about anything from why they didn't text you back sooner to whether or not they're sleeping with someone else. Woman C: There is the occasional disconnect when I'm going on one of my rants about the original or when I start to wax poetic about answering machines and they can't relate. Good for you that you can still get someone that hot and that young." I haven't really had bad reactions except when I was dating a 19-year-old and some people said, "No!

Woman C: If I'm being honest, part of it is that they still find me attractive.

Then, apropos of absolutely nothing, I found myself in bed with a 22-year-old when I was 29. Woman A: They like being with a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and knows what she likes. Their energy, their looks, their bodies, and their enthusiasm.

At first, they were only a few years younger, but as time passed, the age differences became bigger.

Woman C: I find myself not very attracted to men my own age. Woman A: I think of a cougar as a woman who has lots of money and "buys" little boy toys to have fun with them and pay for their life.

" Woman C: The best are the reactions from women because they're generally congratulatory.

The worst is when I get a negative reaction from men who are telling me I'm disgusting while simultaneously lusting after some gal 10-plus years younger than them.

If I'm going on a date with someone, regardless of their age, they are paying for the dinner and anything else we might do.

Woman B: When I first heard the "cougar" term, it felt predatory but now I don't mind it. I prefer to look at the positive aspects of a cougar: sleek, strong, sexy, and in control. Woman A: How completely into me they were and how young men still find me attractive, and the age didn't scare them away Woman B: Nothing surprises me about sleeping with younger men.

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They're also usually in shape, have more stamina and endurance, and don't need Viagra.