Sophie monk dating sam worthington

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Sophie monk dating sam worthington

musician Benji Madden (now married to actress Cameron Diaz) in 2007 after they began dating in 2006. The singer was also rumoured to have been on dates with Ryan Seacrest following her split from Madden. In 2010, Monk confirmed she had split from dating plastic surgeon John Diaz to Kyle and Jackie O on their 2DAYFM show. It was also rumoured in 2010 that Monk was dating Russell Simmons, entrepreneur and co-founder of the hip-hop music label Def Jam, after photos of them emerged at a Maxim Hot 100 Party in Los Angeles. Monk announced her second engagement to French businessman Jimmy Esebag in January 2011 on the Kyle and Jackie O show.reported Monk had said she was sure of the relationship during the announcement."It feels right - I think you know when you know," she said The pair broke off their engagement two months later. said Monk admitted the relationship after co-host Jules Lund tricked her into it during a staged quiz.

Worthington and Monk were seemingly over by November as au recorded Monk sharing how she was "hurt" by the news of his new relationship with Australian model Lara Bingle.

Previous Bachelorettes, Sam Frost and Georgia Love came to the show relatively unknown, fresh faces, but Sophie has had decades in the public eye and her relationships have been hotly followed.

Sophie has been engaged twice, first to a pop star, and then a French businessman, and had a series of fleeting relationships — one with Links"Sam Worthington just months before he met his now-wife, Lara Bingle.

in April, the pop star divulged she was drawn to people who didn't complement her personality."I just tend to be attracted to the wrong type of person," she said."[Mum] thinks I'm attracted to narcissists."While appearing on a national television show may seem an odd next step in her search for long-lasting love, the 37-year-old is no stranger to having her love life scrutinised in the public.

Here we look back at some of Sophie’s most notable and recognisable exes: The Beginning: 2005.

Just somebody grounded and lovely."Monk said her turn-offs were men who were arrogant and who had a false impression of their humour."Ego, insecurity, not funny and thinks they're funny," she said.

And while appearing on a national television show in a search for love may seem an odd choice, the 37-year-old is no stranger to having her love life scrutinised in the public.

Bingle and Worthington were married in 2014 and have two children. to 2016., that she and Grothe Jr had been dating for a few years in November of 2016."We’ve been dating on and off for, like, a couple of years, and no-one really knew," she said."You know how it is when you [go] public, and it creates drama. It's been on and off forever, but now it's off again."The new at the 2017 Logie Awards she was looking for somebody kind, normal and "not too hot.""It's probably my only shot at meeting somebody that's grounded.

' Cause I can't go out and meet them," she said."Not too hot. I don't want somebody to be more beautiful than me in the morning and taking tages to get ready.

Ms Monk had initially claimed that she and Mr Worthington had been meeting to discuss the production of a television show based on her life, which she described as “a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sex and the City.” Mr Worthington is back in Australia promoting surfing film Drift, co-starring fellow Aussie actor Xavier Samuel and scheduled for release this week.

Ms Monk is best known for her involvement with girl group Bardot, which was formed as a result of the original season of television talent competition Popstars.

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Monk, currently filling in for Fifi Box while she is on maternity leave, was put in the awkward position of confirming the relationship during a call-in competition that required the contestant to correctly answer five trivia questions in under thirty seconds in order to win a $10 000 prize.