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Snog dating

The Web has been home to a fair number of questionable memes and websites over the years, really too many to mention here.One among them that you’re likely familiar with is “Hot Or Not”, the site that allows visitors to vote on photos of random people based on attractiveness.

In series 5, with new host Ellie Taylor, the show visits towns and cities nationwide on the first ever Snog Marry Avoid?

Clearly, has struck an addictive chord for British teenagers, but there are many examples of early successes in Web 2.0 that later find themselves hosting a plot in the Web’s graveyard.

Snog therefore seems to be an interesting case study for how to build a social web business, maintain early interest, and make it something more than just another updated Hot or Not.

The POD's commentary is created by comedian Doug Faulkner and is voiced by the series 1-3 producer.

The show ended after its sixth series which was broadcast in 2013. has given 'makeunders' to a range of people in Britain, including celebrities.

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The first four series were presented by Atomic Kitten member Jenny Frost, with Ellie Taylor presenting from the fifth series onwards.

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