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Malekzadeh filmed the video himself on his cellphone."We already knew that lots of Iranian officials were living double lives -- that’s not really a secret -- but these videos are proof," said an Iranian journalist.Initially, some questionable characters were reportedly operating these places, but they later became legitimate business establishments. Article 21 of the Family Protection Law officially sanctions the practice.According to this law, the two sides can perform the service by reciting the relevant passage either in Farsi or English.The authorities have swept the problem under the carpet until now. The country is going through a challenging economic period. Leaked sex tapes of two Iranian officials have led to accusations of "hypocrisy" by a government that punishes adultery under strict Islamic law. Ahmadi had recently resigned his position as governor to run for the legislature.The law states that a couple must officially register their union only if the woman is pregnant or both sides consent or they decide to marry.

Research has shown that many Iraqi pilgrims choose specific destinations where they know in advance that they would be able to perform as “an effective solution to young people’s sexual urges.” Mr.

“There are more religious pilgrims in the holy cities of Qom and Mashhad,” Mr. He added: “We’ve witnessed a marked increase in the number of Iraqi male pilgrims visiting Mashhad in the past month.

Many of the hotels were in trouble before, but now they are doing well.” Ghanaifar explained: “Many Iraqis have a negative view of Iran. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to openly discuss it, because we have to keep our tourism industry alive.

There has also been a 40 percent rise in the number of Afghan tourists coming to Iran.

Pilgrimage, health, and trade have generated most of the revenue.” Shahrvand noted: “These are not the only reasons for Iraqi tourists to visit Iran.

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They describe their loving and civil partnership as a “white marriage.” They prefer to be punished by the authorities for having a sexual relationship outside of marriage, rather than hiding behind a hypocritical has become part of the so-called “halal tourism.” Many Iranian travel websites describe halal tourism as “ a subcategory of tourism which provides services to Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam.” The regime actively promotes the idea to encourage male tourists from Islamic countries to visit Iran.

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