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Their romance had turned the set of Sabrina Fair into a battlefield with both of them loathed by Humphrey Bogart, the book reveals. He ridiculed Hepburn’s English accent and said that her acting was fine “if you like to do 36 takes”.Bogart invited cast and crew to his dressing room for drinks – except for Audrey and Holden, calling them “b******s”.“He told her that the one thing, the only thing they could not have together was children,” says Epstein.“She stood looking at him like a hurt, bewildered child as he explained that he’d had a vasectomy years earlier.She ended the affair on the spot.”But Holden refused to give up on Hepburn.

The two were asked to present their football tickets.Screw striking out the side, all this guy can think of is how his girlfriend’s hand is going to town.How do we know this is his girlfriend and not his wife?But Hepburn was prepared to throw it all away and be branded a homewrecker if Oscar-winner Holden would leave his wife and marry her.“Audrey was the love of my life,” confessed Holden, whose own films included Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17. She wanted to get married.”The secret affair, which proved the romantic highlight of both stars’ lives, has been detailed for the first time in new book Audrey And Bill.After a whirlwind affair on the set of romantic comedy Sabrina Fair in 1954, Holden agreed to leave his wife and children and marry her.

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Hepburn was the Belgian born, British-raised, Dutch baroness’s daughter and Holden was the son of a teacher and a chemist and first teamed up with an ageing Humphrey Bogart for the love triangle movie Sabrina Fair.