Sims 3 xbox 360 dating

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The Sims 3: Pets is a new standalone game that includes nearly all the content of the previous release and additionally allows you to create pets from loyal dogs to daring kitties and enables you to determine their looks and personality traits.

You can play as your pet and control it like a normal Sim.

These should be Cat-astrophe, TMI and any other achievement you didn’t get on the first playthrough save.

These extra playthroughs shouldn't take much of your time.

You may also want to get pregnant for some of The Parent Challenge sub-challenges.

To activate cheat-mode pause the game and press ,, and at the same time.

You'll get 99.999.999§ and unlimited Karma Powers but Challenges and Achievements ARE disabled for this save.

General Tips Moodlet Manager The Moodlet Manager will make the game and earning achievements much easier since it cures all negative and neutral moodlets, and restores your Sim's needs.

(Sometimes the Moodlet Manager fails and your Sim will be exhausted but choose "cure" again and you'll be fine.) You can fully concentrate on making money, developing your skills, relationships, etc.

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