Should you be friends first before you start dating

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Should you be friends first before you start dating

First, building a friendship greatly puts you in the position to know a person's heart.

When you spend time with someone for a prolonged period of time, building an active friendship with them, you will inevitably learn about their primary passions, their affections, what they find valuable, what they find beautiful, what they are in awe of.

My first ever relationship began during this time in my life before I was converted to Jesus Christ, and so it was founded upon a lot of rushed, unwise, unbiblical, and therefore unloving things.Third, building a friendship with someone can help defend against sexual immorality.Whenever dating and marriage come up as topics of discussion, usually sex and the proper way for Christians to understand it comes up in the talk. It seems to me though that it is more difficult for a person to stomach taking advantage of someone who has risen to such a high place in their heart.I would say rushing into a relationship is definitely a poor decision and that all people who are seeking the romantic love of a relationship should take time before dating to build a solid friendship, one that can endure difficulty and where enough vulnerability has been shown for it to be real rather than disingenuous and fake. There may be more, but I will here give two reasons. I say this because we almost intuitively know that relationships are a big enough deal in reality that rushing into them in a reckless fashion doesn't befit their importance.We have all heard the counsel "take it slow," and though it has become almost a kind of cliché in our day, we understand it to be a solid piece of advice.

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Also, you will learn of their flaws, their insecurities, their troubles, their imperfections, the junk of their past, and what remains of that junk in their life at present.