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“As usual, I thought it would amuse and be recognised by those who normally follow me on Twitter.

“I have been surprised that such a thing, which wasn’t really much after all, would go viral. “The MA I am currently studying for is looking at Theology in a Digital context.

The reason the laws on sexting are so confusing is that they were made to protect children from adult offenders, and didn’t consider that teenagers might record their own sexual activity.

As a result, even if the young person in the image says it’s okay to be filmed or photographed, it’s still a crime.

If you’re concerned about a nude or ‘sexy’ picture of yourself that might be on someone’s phone, computer or online, or if you’re worried that you have a picture like that on your phone, computer or online, you can send a Lawmail to get free confidential legal advice from or call the Youth Hotline on 1800 10 18 10.

Sexting can be a crime, depending on the age of the people sexting and whether the pictures would be considered ‘offensive’ or ‘indecent’ by a court.

Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak. STEXT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the STEXT definition is given.It is a crime if you make, send out, or have an ‘offensive’ picture of someone under the age of 18 (including yourself) who is: The law calls these images ‘child abuse material’, or more commonly, child pornography.Child abuse material can include films, photos, digital images and videos sent by SMS, email, in chat rooms or published on blogs.Asking a person under the age of 16 to send you a sexual photo or video is a crime.You could be charged with: It is a crime to use the internet or a mobile phone to ask anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 18 to send you a sexual image.

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Anyone who sends, receives or even asks for a naked or sexual image of a person who is or appears to be under the age of 18 is at risk of committing a crime and of being charged.

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